Friends Til Breakfast Release Mellow Psychedelic Song about Anxiety

Lo-fi and mellow, almost sounding like a movie soundtrack, is “Heavy” by Friends Til Breakfast. Jazzy guitar riffs, psychedelic guitars chords, and a unique beat sets the tone for this song. The lyrics tackle the heavy topic of anxiety. The delay and echo effects that are on the vocals are a metaphor about the intense and almost unreal feeling that an anxiety disorder can bring on. The song creates the feeling of dissociation which is common for many people that experience anxiety and other mental health issues. To accomplish this phenomenon in art is not easy, especially in the modern age of music. Friends Til Breakfast dials it back into an earlier time, were psychedelic music rules the industry, and improvisation runs wild. This is a good one.

Listen to this gem now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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