JaXon Releases Gorgeous Piano Ballad Breakup Song

JaXon out of Ireland has released a beautiful piano ballad called “Moving On (Acoustic).” He says “This is the most personal piece of work I have ever released. I put my heart and soul into this song!” That is very clear from this recording. The lyrics go deep, talking about the end of a relationship, and the desperate need to move on. His pain and agony cuts through in the vocal delivery that sings soft at times and intense at times. The changes in intensity show the rollercoaster of emotions that breakups take individuals through. The vocal performance is stunning and the piano compliments it in a gorgeous way.

This specific version is an acoustic version of a previously released song. The original release featured electric guitars. We would love to hear a version of this song with drums as well.

“No I can’t stand for this, I know I have to run from this. I only wish I knew how.”


Listen to JaXon’s breathtaking song on Spotify now:

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