Tony Pops’ Stunning Music Video for “Feeling Good (What Needs to Be Done)” Stars Gravity Balmain of LEGENDARY

Directed by MODELS (6lack, Gary Clark Jr., Harry Hudson) and filmed at Blackheart Studio in Los Angeles, CA, the music video for “Feelin’ Good” by Tony Pops is what you need to brighten your day! 

The music video starts with a cutscene of Tony and Gravity sitting in a car in the parking lot with the engine and lights on. We can hear the music from inside the car but can only hear it as if we’re standing right there outside the car. Tony cuts the engine off and steps out of the car, sits on the front of the right side of the hood, and lights a cigarette. Gravity also gets of the car at this time, and they exchange looks before Gravity walks away, and the music from the car starts to fade away. He puts headphones in, and the song electro-pop inspired house song begins. 

He starts to vogue and dance so eloquently to the music as he walks into and through an ally. We can start to feel the energy in our veins through the movements and beat, when all of a sudden a car pulls up and Gravity pulls out the headphones. The music fades out and we hear the car pulling up. The music starts up again, presumably from the car, and Gravity begins to vogue while dancing away. 

As he walks away, he finds what appears to be a club with flashing lights and the same song from the headphones gets quieter as he approaches. The door opens, and the we are welcomed with the sound of the music again.

Gravity walks through a hallway and into a room, and continues to dance in moody low lighting. We’re then greeted with two girls holding hands that walk away and start to dance together. This beautiful scene melted my heart. The camera finds Gravity once again, and we’re led away like a dream to the movements he so divinely delivers.

I was enamored from start to finish during this music video. Not only was the song of high quality production that gave classic 90s house vibes with a splash of electro-pop. Did I mention the music video is filmed in one take from start to finish? Nothing impresses me more than a perfect five minute one-take performance, and for that, we have to give Kudos to everyone involved in the making of this video. You really outdid yourself, and left us with an ear worm and visuals we will absolutely keep coming back to!

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Written By: Bryce Quartz



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