Peter Ngqibs Takes The World by Storm With “Hurricane”

Peter Ngqibs takes the world by storm with commercial pop anthem “Hurricane.”

Peter Ngqibs is a South African born, USA-based Xhosa singer, songwriter, composer and organist. His music is always rooted in personal stories and playfulness with elements of social justice; particularly empowering the LGBTQ community.

Peter had this to say about this collaborative release:

One of my best friends and I were talking at opposite ends of the table in his backyard during the summer. He said to me that he was looking for an artist “like Ke$ha.” I asked him for which song and he proceeded to play me this instrumental. I told him that we gays can also rock to a jamming song like this! I desperately wanted to collaborate on it with him, record, and release it. We came to an agreement, I slapped a wig on, and channeled my sexy inner Ke$ha and Moonchild Sanelly!

The song was produced by Martin Sedek, PhD, who is a well established choral conductor and published composer in the NY tri-state area. 

The song opens softly and then leads into a high energy electronic pop synth that puts you right in Peter’s world. It’s reminiscent of early 2000s pop. We’re then guided by his warm, androgynous vocals that let you into his heart.

The choral melody is quite an ear worm, and the lyrics are also catchy. The verses also eloquently describe feelings of love and happiness in a partner. The bridge is honestly my favorite part, with a sensual and fast paced lyrical direction that keeps the energy so bright and fun! 

This is Peter’s first release of 2021 and the first single since his EP release on Aug 7th of 2020. We love this song from start to finish, and highly recommend you add it to all your pop playlists! Be sure to stream “Hurricane” on all platforms now and follow Peter on social media below! 

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Written By: Bryce Quartz



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