Jupiter Gray Drops Heavy-Hitting Single “Godiva Diva” Along with Futuristic Music Video

Jupiter Gray released new single “Godiva Diva” along with an a futuristic music video, and we are obsessed with it! 

Jupiter has spent the better part of the past several years suffering for her art releases. According to her, “Godiva Diva” stands as a formidable anthem to Trans empowerment. Listen HERE.

“Godiva Diva” is exclusively a Trans journey- a sinewy, artful and electric embellishment of nights filled with fast talking trash talking, seize-the-day provocative proclamations of power and resonate declarations of independence. A level of sensuousness and self worth not born of privilege, but of true inner strength, realized. This is what you are hearing. This is Jupiter’s story. 

Music found her as a young kid growing up in Columbus, Ohio. Playing a handful of instruments, she ultimately settled for the most mellifluous: her voice, with which she would soon go from the choirs to the clubs with ease and fluidity. An opportunity to be interviewed on a local radio station led to her first Pride show in her hometown, which then opened the door for her to speak at Governor’s Ball, rallying for LGBTQ rights. 

It wasn’t until 2017 that Jupiter released her first single, a track called “Lil Loco Coco,” pricking the ears of many, including a major record label. Enthusiasm ran high enough to warrant the sort of conversations that spearhead careers, only to flatline soon after Jupiter’s announcement of her transition. In true form, that did not stop her. Jupiter would drop her first EP, Flowasis, on her own. 

The release spawned coverage in True Q Magazine as the face of Trans Awareness Month in November 2018 and she would go on to perform at World Pride for the 50th anniversary of Pride in NYC. Jupiter’s subsequent single “Villain” inspired her signing with Trans Trenderz in 2020. She has since been featured in publications including Grammy.com, Them, NewNowNext, and Paper Magazine. 

Along with the hard-hitting single, Jupiter also dropped a stunning, futuristic music video that we LOVE. It starts in what looks like a hyperspace setting riding through a city. This perfectly matches the intro of the song. As soon as the beat drops, we’re welcomed by Jupiter herself rapping her lyrics to us with a colorful background behind her. I love how it’s also a lyric video so that we can keep with her fast flows and clever lyrics.

Not only does Jupiter have a unique and impactful voice, but the music video really packs a punch! The edits and transitions are so clean, and the projected visuals onto Jupiter complete the vibe perfectly. This music video is a MUST ADD to all you YouTube Playlists! Watch the video below.

Listening to Jupiter Gray’s “Godiva Diva,” you will find yourself privy to the culmination of a success story full of triumphs over adversity that most cannot relate to, which makes it all so much sweeter. Doesn’t it? 

We highly reccomend you stream “Godiva Diva” now on all platforms, watch the music video above, and follow her on social media below!

Jupiter’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jupitergrayraps/

Jupiter’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/jupitergrayraps?lang=en

Written By: Bryce Quartz

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/realbrycequartz/?hl=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/realbrycequartz?lang=en

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