Hear Brian Cooney’s Standout Piano-Driven Christian Song about Overcoming Addiction

Brian Cooney is out with a Christian song that combines elements of psychedelic rock and classic rock to create a compelling Worship song. It stands out from most modern Christian Rock because of the instrumentation choices and unique lyrics. “Nothing Greater” is an authentic song that spreads the messages of hope and faith. It’s certaintly a praising-God song, and a thank-you-God song. Brian Cooney is singing his thanks to God for his life as he has overcome addiction and depressing loss. He credits his faith in God as being his vehicle to overcome such difficult obstacles. His song is a testament of faith, and a statement that things can get better even if you are in your darkest days.

The song sits in a minor key, and feels melancholy while the lyrics feel uplifting and strong. The lyrics spread a message of hope; that a new way of feeling is possible.

“I’m honestly so amazed. Lifting me up from the depths of addiction, loss and despair, Jesus wasn’t ashamed of me. In response to what seemed like my faithless pleas, he heard me and wrapped his arms around me. He breathed life back into me and filled me with hope.”

– Brian Cooney

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