Karin Ann Releases “babyboy,” A Song for All the LGBTQ People in the World

A Hymn to freedom and equality! Love is Love and you shouldn’t be judged for who you love.

Karin Ann is the voice of the European Generation Z. The artist from Czech Republic put herself out in the world with her first single “3AM.” She soon got featured in The New York Times and gained over 600,000 views and 100,000 streams in only a short amount of time. She wants to be regarded as more than just a singer, because there are more issues that need to be spoken about. 

The music video is a must see for your first listen. The first few seconds of the video include a black background with questions centered in the middle in white text, along with silence. We are then blessed with vocal melodies and addicting lyrics that are sure to hook you in. We really appreciate the depth of the production in the instrumental of this queer, electro pop anthem.

The smooth transitions throughout the music video as well as the luminescent and colorful lighting make the video really stunning. I really enjoyed the cinematography, the sound design, and the overall production value of the music video. The lyrical direction and messages throughout the track are really meaningful, giving the video and song more flavor. 

We highly recommend you watch the music video, check it out below!

Be sure to stream “baby boy” by Karin Ann on all platforms now, and follow her on social media below!


Written By: Bryce Quartz



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