Mira Lu Kovacs’ New Single “Want You” Shapes New Textures Into the Folk Mold

Folk music and its offshoots tend to keep common partners- acoustic guitar, bass, and sometimes drums build the sonic textures that fill in the background of a central voice (or voices). They may even get the toe tapping. What they rarely do is get the whole body moving, and so this feat is often unexpected when achieved. Such was the sensation when Mira Lu Kovacs’ “Want You” fired up- I didn’t notice the sway in my shoulders at first but it was undeniably there.

“Want You” has the energy of a post-punk jitter, but the singer/songwriter’s voice has the tenderness and round tone of predecessors Vashti Bunyan, or perhaps more appropriately, Feist. The joy of the song comes in its confidence to traverse the bounds between its initial tight rhythms and the more ethereal breakdown of its second half- wading in hushed harmonies and breathy deliveries, it feels as if the song itself has stepped out to sea.

Surprise is often a rarity in today’s saturated sound market, and what a joy it is to be both surprised and grooving in the wake of “Want You.”

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/miralukovacs123/want-you

“Want You” is out now and available at the link above or wherever you stream music. Be sure to check it out!

Review By Bobby Guard

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