Kristin Sesselja’s “Perfect for Me” is a Feel-Good Song About the Boys Who Make Us Feel Bad

Kristin Sesselja’s new single starts with a playful low-end piano strut that hints at the trouble that’s to come, gradually opening into a horns-laden, soulful ballad directed at the age-old issue of boys behaving badly.

“Perfect for Me” is a catchy little head-nodder at face value, but contains a bevy of biting lines that are worthy of keeping in the back pocket. “You’re perfect for me when you’re gone,” the ending hook of the chorus is a concisely-put put-down that just feels good. Similarly, it’s impossible not to smile every time I hear “you can hate the game, but f*ck the players too.”

Seemingly candid recordings of friends in conversation contrast those of young men issuing tired criticisms (“wow, you think your songs are art?”) to Sesselja, filling the gaps between verses and make the song as a whole feel like a cozy corner in Sesselja’s life where we get a closer view of her experiences. But my favorite little soundbite comes midway through. A snobby lad: “hey you think it’s your job to write songs about boys who don’t care about you?” Kristin’s friend: “well she gets paid for it.” ‘Nuff said.

You can experience”Perfect for Me” and its special flavor of joy now, streaming everywhere!




Review by Bobby Guard


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