The Uncanny Vulnerability of Anne Freeman’s “When I’m a Wreck”

There is a special sweetness about Anne Freeman’s voice. If you haven’t gotten to experience yet, then “When I’m a Wreck” is a great place to start. At once sweet as a remembered moment and tinged with the ache that come with its non-existence, her delivery is an enamoring delight in each song she has put out to date. Yet “When I’m a Wreck” showcases this strength in new light, its chords dancing under her waves of “You” in the chorus, the guitars dousing her words in honey drops as violins bustle past nearby.

The tender bittersweetness of “When I’m a Wreck” is evident in its first moments- the fuzzed out guitar laying down the base for Freeman to take the center, setting the table: “I don’t want anyone to see me like this. Hide behind a broken smile, dreaming of what I miss” brings to mind dear feelings of Roy Orbison, the bare vulnerability of the words and melodies tucked sneakily into a pop ballad. The song truly opens up in the chorus, a testament to someone dear in Freeman’s life, someone who sees her sunrises and blistered eyes, and who, surely, is as much of a comfort to return to as the chorus itself.

“When I’m a Wreck” follows her previous single, “City Watched Me Burn,” another stellar piece that I had the joy of reviewing last month. Both songs harken in the upcoming album KEEP IT CLOSE, something I’ll be giving a few listens when it arrives.

“When I’m a Wreck” is out now and streaming everywhere. Put on some headphones, keep it close, and give it a listen.



Review by Bobby Guard


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