“Sayonara” by Gabriel Munoz is The Fun Breakup Song of the Summer

After my first listen of this song, I was addicted. Who knew breakup songs could sound so fun?

Cover Art for Sayonara

Gabriel Munoz is a Singer/Songwriter from Los Angeles, CA who makes music you can bop to.

“Sayonara” is an upbeat pop song about the chaotic end to a crazy relationship and being able to laugh/dance it off. This is the single from Gabriel’s upcoming EP dropping this summer.

The song starts off with a catchy piece of the instrumental before diving into the first verse. We are then blessed with Gabriel’s soft vocal delivery, catchy vocal melodies, and relatable lyrical content. The chorus is the catchiest part, with easy to sing along with lyrics and that catchy piece of instrumental from the beginning. I adore Gabriel’s vocal tones and attitude throughout the entire song, bringing us chill pop vibes that we can’t get enough of! Why you gotta make breakups sound so fun?

I had the privilege to ask Gabriel some questions about the release, check it out below!

Describe your release in 3 sentences.

“Sayonara” is just a feel good, breakup song about the freedom of leaving something that held you back. There’s a lot of strength on the other side, and it’s not always tears and sorrow when there’s something better for you. It’s an upbeat, summer-ready vibe and easy to sing along to, just how life gets when you let go.

What was your favorite part about making this release?

My favorite part about this release was creating an atmosphere on it that was liberating and fun, both lyrically and sound wise. The feedback has been amazing so far, so I’m happy that translated on the song.

What was the hardest part making this release?

The process of making the song was actually one of ease and flowed very naturally. I think the hardest part was just saying “yes it’s done”, as the creative process always involves a bit of perfectionism.

Was this release cathartic for you?

Absolutely! The words came very easy and it was fun to construct the song in a way that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but also gets the message across. I kind of just threw in all my dating experiences that fizzled out and put it into this song, but made it empowering because that’s how I felt on the other end.

What keeps you motivated?

I’m always motivated by the next idea. When you work on a project and it wraps, I think you always see space for yourself to do more and elevate, so that drive has always kept me motivated to create more. Also just life, it always keeps you inspired and humming new melodies and ideas out of nowhere.

What can we expect next from you?

I’m releasing my next EP this summer, so “Sayonara” is the intro to that. The music is definitely in the same ‘club’ of this song, just upbeat and fun. So look out for that soon!

What other artists are you listening to right now?

I’ve been updating my playlists like crazy lately, and some of my favorites right now are Blxst, THEY, Joni, Doja, and Kylie Minogues new “DISCO” album is also an obsession! Lots of different artists.

Thanks for taking the time answer those questions for us!

Be sure to stream “Sayonara” on all platforms now, and follow him on social media below!


Written By: Bryce Quartz



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