BAXTR Releases Summer Pop Jam “IN POP WE TRUST”

This song is a summer pop jam you will not want to miss.

Cover Art

In Pop We Trust is BAXTR’s party piece; a big pink, fuzzy ode to their first love: pop music. A shameless celebration of the sweet and saccharine, underpinned by raging distorted guitars, pastiche pop claps and bratty gang chants.

The Story So Far…

Floss Mackintosh – Vox + guitar Bash Powers – Guitar, keys + BVs Keiko Jackson – Drums + BVs

Close friends of over a decade, Floss, Bash & Keiko had long shared the vision of making noise together. But it wasn’t until the pandemic hit in early 2020 that these women came together to make the band of their dreams a reality. BAXTR was born at the cusp of the 2020 lockdown and was a chance for the girls to lean in on what they love most… pop music!

It’s been a whirlwind for BAXTR since the release of their first single Bloom in June 2020. After 12 months of writing, recording and releasing 3 singles remotely, the band were finally able to be together in the same room to lay down their upcoming single In Pop We Trust.

Despite only being just 3 singles deep, these “pink and powerful badasses” are already causing a stir. Blogs and worldwide radio from LA to Tokyo have been generous with kind words about the band.


BAXTR’s sound is most inspired by 80s pop and late 90’s geek rock band with an added pinch of Brit Pop swagger and new wave theatrics thrown in too. Think Weezer, The Bangles, Katy Perry, Bruce Springsteen, Blur, Jellyfish…

More about In Pop We Trust…

In Pop We Trust is BAXTR’s party piece; a big pink, fuzzy ode to their first love: pop music. A shameless celebration of the sweet and saccharine, underpinned by raging distorted guitars, pastiche pop claps and bratty gang chants.

It is a call for you to embrace anything that makes you feel good.

The song starts off with a strong vocal lead accompanied by a catchy guitar riff and claps that make you want to join in! You can feel the energy in the atmosphere of the instrumental and the vocal delivery. The catchy chorus makes this track fun to sing along with.

The music video is quite honestly addictive to watch. It’s vibrant, colorful, and very enjoyable to watch! There’s scenes with slime, and lots of head banging. It’s perfectly fitting, making this music video a must add to your playlists!

From the band…

Floss Mackintosh – Vocals, guitar:

“I was on my way back from Specsavers. Thanks to my new goggles I was able to read a sign that said “In *something* we trust”. I can’t remember exactly what it was advertising, as I filled in my own blank immediately; Thinking to myself, what is it I trust in? What has never let me down?

One of the top answers was ‘pop music’. Pop has brought me free joy in my darkest moments and is a time machine to some of the best days of my life. We all love rock, metal, jazz… you name it… but Pop music is where our band’s friendships started, and it ended up being the thing that really pulled us three towards each other, through the pandemic and out the other side. It felt only right to honour that in song; tipping our hats to the music we love, with a little tongue in cheek subversion. We wanted our 4th single to feel like our statement piece; something that represented the core of what BAXTR is; just 3 nerdy mates who like to goof about and make loud noises.

To me, it feels as if this song is our theme tune. After the year we’ve all had, now more than ever I think we should all be revelling in the things that truly bring us bliss. If pop music does that for you… then crank this song!”

Keiko Jackson – Drums, backing vocals:

“Recording the drums for In Pop We Trust was one of the most exhilarating and freeing experiences I’ve had so far. It was the first time in the studio all together and having the foundation of our friendship just enabled us all to play from the heart and create something special. I wasn’t afraid to try new things and it was amazing having the girls there in real time and getting immediate feedback and collaboration. I’m so proud of all of our performances and hope you can hear in the song the fun, passion and joy we had recording it.”

Bash Powers – Guitars, backing vocals:

“I remember the first demo snippet of ‘In Pop We Trust’ that Floss sent over. After a good 10 minutes of nothing but high pitched squeals and air grabs, i finally managed to compose myself, and just stood there thinking – “YES! YEEESSSS!!! THIS.IS.US! THIS IS BAXTR!”

In no time at all, we started the process, and as it grew and developed, we just knew that this was going to be the next single – the song that was really going to define the core of BAXTR!

Sadly, the weekend we were meant to finish the track, I had a close family loss, so was briefly out of action. Amazingly the girls held down the fort and kept it going remotely. It’s still so vividly ingrained in my memory – just sat with my guitar and laptop late Sunday night, (needing guitars done by Monday morning) thinking “there’s just no way I can do this”!!! But with a shower of encouragement from my wing women, I finally got started.

It felt like the second I hit play I was totally taken over! Floating through DreamSpace with the parts just somehow writing themselves! Every note I played brought so much comfort, and the thought of playing it live just bought so much joy! Hearing the power and passion of the three of us, blasting through my headphones as one, with this massive sound of infectious and shameless pop, brought such a wave of euphoria and happiness, I couldn’t believe I was actually smiling through such a sad time. It was then it hit me… that this moment was the very definition of “In Pop We Trust”.

After hearing all the parts combined, it was so clear to us what needed to be done. We needed to get into a studio and record this song together, in the same room. And that’s just what we did, (for the first time in BAXTR history). I couldn’t be any happier with the outcome, or with what the song has given me already. I hope it brings just as much guiltless pleasure to you as it has to us! Turn it up to 11!!!”



Written By: Bryce Quartz



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