Country Queer Icon Mercy Bell Shines Authentically on Golden Child LP

Americana-songstress Mercy Bell is a tough act to forget. Her new LP “Golden Children” recently dropped which features memorable alt-country flavors and story-telling songs. The self-titled track “Golden Child” hits the speakers as incredibly authentic. Mercy Bell’s voice floats on the track, as she tells the stories that include reflections from her youth. She tackles important coming of age topics about repressing grief, trauma, and authenticity to remain “perfect” in the eyes of the community. The song dives deep into the things that we should all be talking about more instead of hiding. The song is about overcoming shame and comes across as empowering.

Mercy Bell is a queer country legend with powerhouse vocal abilities and songwriting skills. Enjoy her new record on Spotify now:

“My cowriters and I immediately bonded over all growing up as “good kids” who struggled with things we thought we had to hide, mental health, trauma, grief, sexuality. We talked about how all these “perfect” people really are not. How the idea of “perfect” actually hurts us all and that living in shame eats away at us and kills us all slowly. And how our lives got so much better when we stopped living in shame. So I threw out the line “Plan B & a Gatorade” and we ran with it. I was also inspired by the Tom Waits quote ‘I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things’. And one of my mottos, which is ‘get more free’.” – Mercy Bell

Written by Ryan Cassata

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