Drax Project, Six60, and Phony Ppl are all “Catching Feelings”

Drax Project, the iconic band from New Zealand, has released a fresh version of their anthemic collaboration song with Six60 titled “Catching Feelings.” The original version has over 110 million streams on Spotify since its original release in 2019. The new remix version features Brooklyn-based music group Phony Ppl.

The emotional vocals hook the listener in from the start of the track. The song sounds like a ballad at it’s start but develops into a fun chorus section with a memorable hook. The simple beat carries the song and let’s the lyrics form a bond with the listener. The song dives into a laid-back rap part towards it’s end which adds an extra layer of flavor to this great track!

Fun Fact: Drax Project got their start busking on the streets of New Zealand while they attended music school.

“The original Catching Feelings was a product of our friendship with Six60. We’d enjoyed hanging with Phony Ppl while in The States, so when the chance to reboot the song for US radio came along they were the first people we asked to hop on”. – Drax Project

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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