Mike Massey’s Song about Pedro, an Undocumented Plant Worker, will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

Mississippi singer-songwriter and lawyer Mike Massey has an important story to tell. His emotional song “Pedro” shares a glimpse into the life of an undocumented meatpacking plant worker who came to America in search of a new life. The song tells the story of working hard to make a low wage while being a father, to eventually being taken away from his wife and kids by ICE to return to Mexico. Mike Massey, who is father himself, sings from Pedro’s point of view throughout the song. The emotion comes across greatly through the track. It could bring you to tears.

This is a story from many years ago but it’s a story that is still actively happening in the United States where families are being separated due to xenophobia and deportation while they are searching for the American dream, “a better life.” The song brings empathy to our undocumented brothers and sisters who deserve all the same things that American-born citizens have.

The song features beautiful acoustic guitars. Listen to the story on Spotify now:

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