Youth in Revolt: Chloe Lilac’s Triumphant “10 Things”

Class divide meets classroom drama in the new single by the Brooklyn artist- a biting, sublime entry into the indie pop arena.

“10 Things” begins with a muted guitar strum that sets the stage for a takedown. The processed beat enters and beckons Chloe Lilac’s words of disdain. “We fought so much in high school / still told all my friends I liked you,” she recalls, painting a picture of a complicated but tiring dynamic. Elitist sentiments, fleeting allegiances, “rich kids with daddy issues” – they all add up to the “More than 10 things I hate about you” that Lilac holds. The mix of chorus-drenched guitar lines and electrified beat production combine to make a gnarled sheen of a world in which Lilac can deliver her dressing down of this former scene as a whole.

The song works on two levels, both as a relatable fable of being fed up enough to walk away from a relationship that no longer works, as well as a larger scale indictment of the “so elitist… for no good reason” sentiments that we all can hold regardless of class. And most of all, the song is just damn fun. It’s out now, so don’t you miss it.




Review by Bobby Guard


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