Dan Hall’s “In The Key of Q” Features Ryan Cassata

‘Why would you choose hate over love? It’s so much easier to be kind and to love people. So why wouldn’t you just chose that?’

Ryan Cassata, in the key of q

This week’s guest discusses how one tiny guitar led him to becoming an award-winning sing-songwriter. Ryan talks about being one of the first trans youths to come out on American national television, and how his Faith has been an integral part of the love he feels both to the outside world and most importantly, to himself.

‘When I grew up in the 1980s I almost never heard pop songs where openly gay men sang about their truths,’ says presenter and producer Dan Hall. ‘But these days there are plenty of songs where openly Queer men sing their truths. This podcast aims to celebrate those musicians and raise the profile of their music so we can feel connected, heard and not alone.’

Don’t have Spotify? Then Listen here: https://www.inthekeyofq.com/episode/ryan-cassata

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