We All Feel We Wasted a Lot of 2020…Here’s a Song For That Feeling

Pop punk is not dead! 5ever are has given fans of the genre an anthem that we can all probably relate to too much. The song is about 2020 (and a lot of 2021) and how the pandemic left many of us feeling like we were wasting our time by being stuck inside. The super relatable lyrics are sung in a fashion that is catchy and upbeat. The song comes across as a fun banger even though the lyrics are somber. This song also features great electric guitar riffing.

We just wish the song was a bit longer! Check out the fun music video here and see below for some words from the band.

“The Champagne video illustrates “another wasted year” of time passing by as you are frozen watching life move around you. These all-too-familiar feelings were heightened in 2020, but we’ve known them all along. We collaborated with Caroline Bailey of Motorcade (@shotbymotorcade) and artist Elle Dioguardi (@elledioguardi) to make a year go by over the course of a day in our friend’s house. After countless bottles of champagne, boxes of pizza, all the holiday decor you can imagine, and one “broken” couch we put together this video. Our goal with Champagne was to bring a sense of belonging to those who are feeling alone.” – 5ever


Rock the Pigeon

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