Lonnie Leo Reminds Us To Not Give In To Fear and Stay in the Now

It’s time to dive into Lonnie Leo’s acoustic-driven song “Hey Fear.” This song starts off stripped down and is an ode to fear – something almost all of us have. The lyrics are becoming friends with your fears as in getting comfortable with them. It’s abandoning your fears, pushing over the fence, and living your life as if fear doesn’t exist. There’s so much to fear right now but we still have to remember to live regardless of the fear. We are only here for a short time after all.

“Hey Fear” is a reminder to b living in the day that you are in. It’s about being in the now…not worrying about tomorrow, and staying in today. The chorus lyrics brings hope to the listener, reminding us that we aren’t alone in our fears or struggles.

Musically, the chorus section of the song shifts into a hard rock feel. It’s an exciting change! The sound could easily fill a stadium! The song shifts from acoustic to full-on-rock-sound on and off several times throughout the track and each transition is smooth and flawless.


Written by Ryan Cassata

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