Mads Langer Starts Song with Ballad-style Intro, Lightning Transforms into a Funky Dance Song

“Lightning” by Mads Langer is filled with emotion. The song starts off sounding much like a ballad – just soft vocals over ambient synth pads. However, the song takes an unexpected turn that will surely get you dancing! The funky bass line has quite the groove as the song picks up quickly and transforms into a catchy hook that folks will love to sing along to. This pop song combines many different genres including singer-songwriter, pop, and electronic to create a bedroom pop song that is simply irresistible.

Listen to Lightning now!

Here’s some more information from the artists themselves:

“The music video for Lightning is a tribute to the kiss, to diversity, inclusivity and free love,” explains Langer. “My friend and very talented actor, Alex Høgh Andersen, plays the main character in the video.” “I’m so proud of the result and all the beautiful people in it!” he continues. “Mostly I’m proud of those of my friends and those from my family and everyone who have the courage to stand up for who they are and for who they love even though they don’t fit into the heteronormative box. A box that some people mistakingly think is the only box that true love can fit into. This is most of all a tribute to those who live in places and communities where they are not allowed to be who they are. Love is love.”
“’Lightning’ is a song about feeling recognized on a deeper level,” Langer explains about the lyrics behind the track. “It’s about that moment when you realize that you have met someone special and that you feel that same thing at the same time…that magic thing that you can’t put into words. I guess this song is about those moments of recognition because, to me, it truly feels like getting struck by lightning in the best possible way. So hopefully people can think of those moments when they listen to this song.”

reviewed by Ryan Cassata

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