Space and Grace in Adi Sun’s “Twin Flame”

Loss and love are intertwined facets of the complex body of life, their shifting roles and shared aches traveling like sine waves along an axis. Adi Sun’s newest single “Twin Flame” explores the complicated experience of these facets in a dreamy world of its own.

Entering into “Twin Flame” feels akin to landing on a planet in slow motion. A restless guitar picking rhythm hovers over the backdrop of synths and a powerfully subtle drum line that only hints at its own waltzing rhythmic association. Adi Sun’s vocal work in “Twin Flame” fills the spaces between the instrumentation sweetly, but only rarely dipping into a showy display. Rather, the song as a whole feels encased in its own pocket universe of sorts, no one element taking up the spotlight. The synth lines and bass licks offer their dynamics in short bursts, the guitar solo dancing over the breakdown underneath its distortion but never detracting from the waves of grief and adoration present in Sun’s lyricism.

“‘Twin Flame’ was written the moment I realized this beautiful connection was ending. It came out of the fear that there would be no other bond like it. So you cling, even though it hurts. I was left so confused and dejected, and those emotions had no place to go, so I took that pain and longing and turned it into something that I find beautiful.” – Adi Sun

In other words, the world Sun has crafted in “Twin Flame” serves to express the feelings far more than to showcase a persona. The beauty, of course, is that the song is full of Sun’s personality- I cannot fathom someone else approaching this subject in the same way, and frankly, wouldn’t have it any other way. It is always refreshing to let a unique voice wash over oneself, and “Twin Flame” is its own special rainfall that just keeps coming down.

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Review by Bobby Guard


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