Joyful Reflection Takes the Spotlight in “Best Life” by Tom Goss (Feat. Steve Solomon)

The past year has had its ample share of pause for assessment- lifestyles put on pause or ended entirely, drastic changes of pace par for the course on a frequent basis, life dynamics weighed in perspective of the ways they affect us. This reflection and the ensuing choices often can stem from many questions, but one that I hear often is “is this making me happy?” Tom Goss’s new single “Best Life” garners much from the same question, encouraging the listener to choose paths that boost the titular experience rather than detract.

“Our lives are so much shorter than we realize. Before you know it, you have a string of memories in the rear view mirror. Don’t let a single moment go to waste.” – Tom Goss

Somber acoustic guitar leads us into a familiar question- “Where did the time go?” A sentiment all too common in our lives, seemingly more so the older we get. Swirling synths and restless guitar build into the chorus where Goss’s above sentiment can truly be felt in the music itself, a coursing series of waves that dapple against the chest. What “Best Life” does so well is balance these feel-good energies with the melancholy nostalgia of reflection. The stripped down refrain of the pre-chorus especially captures this sensation in its trade-off between music and lyrics: “I’ve sang and danced and laughed until I lost my breath… I’ve lost and won it back again, and I’d do it all over if I had the chance” sings Goss in an aching rawness that builds to the final chorus. The gentle, building drama of the instruments under these words is particularly heartfelt, and a lovely encapsulation of “Best Life”‘s themes of living for the moment and seeking out the experiences that will make us happy with the time we have to enjoy them.

“Best Life” by Tom Goss (feat. Steve Solomon) is out now and streaming everywhere. Don’t miss it!


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Review by Bobby Guard


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