Awesome New Indie Songs To Ring in 2022 With! from Retro Video Club, Brvno, and Perenna

Retro Video Club – Boys Like Me

First up we have Retro Video Club with “Boys Like Me.” This is an alt-rock anthem that has both grungy and pop rock undertones. The energy of this song is on par with the Strokes, Kings of Leon, and The Raconteurs. Retro Video Club packs some serious punch in this track. Heavy drums and synths match the energy of the charismatic vocal delivery. Boys Like Me is a great introduction to the rest of the bands catalogue.

Brvno – it’s okay

Switching gears into a more chill realm, we bring you Brvno with “it’s okay.” This lo-fi hip hop song has a smooth vocal delivery that will definitely make you want to hear more from this talented artist. Brvno is Argentinian and currently based in a small town in Switzerland. He thrives on experimental genres and leans into lo-fi hip hop. His ability to fuse genres and make fresh sounds is truly captivating. His music would blend well with the likes of Mac Miller.

Perenna – Fragile

Wanting to travel back into the late 1990’s and early 2000’s where early emo was thriving? Now is your chance for a fresh sound from this nostalgic genre with Perenna and their song “Fragile.” The tone of the lead singers vocal fits perfectly into the genre. The band is tight, performing heavy drum grooves and melodic guitar riffs that will take your breath away. For Fans of The Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, and Sunny Day Real Estate, Perenna seems to master the genre of the original emo sound. “Fragile” has just the right amount of angst.

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