The Hottest Songs of January are here! Including tracks by Molly O’Leary, Chris Goma, Seanii, Shane Rose, and Rumirr.

“XIII” by Molly O’Leary

Here is the first track you need to add to your 2022 playlist. From the start, the guitar is the perfect contrast to Molly’s smooth vocals. There is a strong drive behind this song with an overall indie feel. The electric guitar breakdown towards the end is worth the wait. I love the way the instrumental texture mixes with the vocals, it’s phenomenal. You have you check this out on Spotify.

“Movie” by Chris Goma

This is the most unique song I’ve heard in years. The intro brings you in and sets you up to receive the message of the track. There is a sick electric guitar breakdown that is totally unsuspected and maybe my favorite instrumental aspect of this song. All of the vocals are very catchy, melodic, and mixed well. I’d love the hear this live. Check it out on Spotify.

“Distance” by Seanii

The playful backtrack sets the mood for this alternative hip-hop track. The hi-hats are the perfect complement to these catchy vocals. The mix is really solid, the vocals are right under the guitar and everything fits together nicely. Seanii’s vocals give me Twenty One Pilot vibes and I can’t stop listening to this song. This is a necessary addition to your new 2022 playlist! Check it out on Spotify here.

“H.T.H (how the hell)” by Shane Rose

This will be your new pop-punk anthem. The guitar has a nice crunch to it and the vocals have the classic punk vibe with a softer delivery that hits just right. The guitar matches the melody of the hook, I love that decision! There’s a solid synth breakdown that keeps you engaged. The electric guitar solo at the end is the perfect finishing piece to this track. Check it out on Spotify here.

“Creep (Radiohead Cover)” by Rumirr

I’ve missed Radiohead, so this is exactly what I need to start the new year. The synths set the overall vibe for the cover. The deep bass provides the core to this unique take on this fundamental song. The vocal mixing displays the emotion very well. The vocals peak toward the end in a way that will have you singing along. Check it out on Spotify here.

Written by Shaun Kastle

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