This week’s best releases include tracks by JMØ, Zach Hood, Emma Elizabeth and Danny ‘The Indie’, Saint Djuni, and more.


This track starts with a smooth pop instrumental that sets the tone for the vocals before they enter. The vocals are smooth and instantly catchy. LGBTQ+ Artist JMØ brings catchy vocal hook after vocal hook in a way that I haven’t heard in a while! The lyrics are relatable and will make you think of that special someone in your life. This is a must-add to your 2022 playlist. Listen to “2NEEDU” on Spotify.

“I Miss My Friends” by Zach Hood

“I Miss My Friends” is about drifting from friends while new chapters shift priorities. Whether is starting college, moving, or this pandemic- we have all experienced a shift in certain friendships. So on a day when you’re really missing your friends throw on this track and let it all out. Zach’s vocal tone is emotional and authentic. The overall positivity that comes through the instrumental will help you feel closure, and maybe even the strength to rekindle those friendships you miss so much. Check it out on Spotify. Or watch the Official Music Video on YouTube.

“Higher” by Emma Elizabeth & Danny ‘The Indie’

Emma’s vocals will immediately bring you in and keep you listening to this vibey track. The instrumental elements fit perfectly with the vocal delivery. The guitars are heavy when they need to be and soft when the lyrics really need to be brought out. The production of this track is really great, you’ll have to listen more than once to really take it all in. This collab is one I will be playing for the rest of 2022. Check out “Higher” on Spotify now.

“Modern Times” by Saint Djuni

Here is your 2022 anthem for these new modern times we are now living in. I get some Maroon 5 vibes from this track, the vocal delivery is really unique and reminds me a bit of Adam Levine. This is a feel-good song that would be perfect for any occasion. Music lovers of all different genres will find something they love about “Modern Times”. The overall vibe is a fusion of pop, indie, alternative and so much more. Listening to this will instantly improve your mood. Check it out on Spotify.

“Nuh Uh” by Greta Isaac

This electro-pop release from Greta Isaac will give you Top Charts vibes. The synth hook sets the vibe for this powerful song. Greta’s vocals are mixed in a way that will remind of you Julia Michaels. The way the instrumental goes along with the chorus and vocal delivery is so unique, I can’t get enough. “Nuh Uh” is the new party song that all your friends will love! Check out the fashion-based music video on YouTube. Listen on Spotify now.

“Älä rakastu minuun” by Aston Kalmari

This will be your new favorite pop-punk song- and you might even learn a new language in the process! This track gives me Blink-128 meets Green Day vibes if either band was from Finland. All of the instrumental elements are your classic pop-punk, punk-rock vibes with a really fun lyrical twist. I personally enjoyed listening to this even though it’s not in English. Expand your musical tastes and give this one a chance! Check it out on Spotify.

Written by Shaun Kastle

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