Jeff LeBlanc Offers Listeners Hope with New Single

Jeff LeBlanc is an artist that I got to share the stage several times with when we were both based on Long Island and frequenting the Strong Island music scene. We would both take the stage with just our acoustic guitars and voices. I would usually open for Jeff who had already established a following and had his music playing on SiriusXM. It was truly an honor to share space with him.

I remember being a young teenager and being in complete awe of his vocal delivery, guitar performance, and songwriting skills. And hey, he’s still got it!

I was happy to see that Jeff LeBlanc sent his new song to Rock the Pigeon for review. I’m also super happy that Jeff is still releasing music during this intense time for the world. A song goes along way…especially Jeff’s songs.

His song. “When You Need Me” is perfect for the feelings of isolation and loneliness that so many people are suffering with during the pandemic. With a softly-sung poppy hook, Jeff LeBlanc reassures the listener that they are definitely not alone. His soft voice enters the soul and brings about a peace and calmness. It offers the type of hope that we all need. It’s literally a virtual, musical hug. Thank you, Jeff! This song is just what all of us need right now.

written by Ryan Cassata

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