Johndoe98 Fuses Genres for “Miss Me”

Johndoe98 is a master at fusing together several different genres to make an interesting song. His newest track is titled “Miss Me” and it impressively mixes elements from the genres of emo, hip hop, trap, pop and beyond to create a sound that is truly unforgettable.

His vocal delivery can be categorized as slam poetry versus rap. There’s a melodic emo sound to his auto-tuned voice. Although the vocal is highly effects, it’s done in a tasteful way that isn’t overwhelming. There’s still a raw energy to the tone that transmits the emotion directly to the listeners ear through their headphones. The guitar riffs are busy and slightly trippy sounding, giving the track the pop punk / emo vibe. We are excited to hear more from this rising artist!

This song is about love and the disappointments that can come with putting too much into someone that doesn’t give you the same energy back.


Written by Ryan Cassata

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