ANGER MGMT. Uses Music As Therapy and Expression

Grungy, quick, and edgy describes ANGER MGMT.’s sound on “This Is It.” This angsty song is bass-driven, and pulls from the styles of early punk. We could hear some touches of Iggy Pop in the vocal delivery and distorted guitars. It’s clear that anger is used to bring the bands songs to life, delivering an incredible amount of energy. The bands muse, anger, is referenced in their name. The music is used as anger management. This sound is rare. It’s raw and authentic, totally real. It’s a sound that most modern day rock bands cannot pull off.

The emotions of the song are pulled from the experiences of Nik Petronijevic who struggles with anxiety and depression. He has been very outspoken about his experiences, helping others, becoming a mental health activist.

This Is It is ANGER MGMT.’s debut release. We can’t wait to hear more!

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