SAILEM & Hectic Team Up for “Surprise Bitch!”

On January 23rd of 2022, SAILEM and Hectic teamed up for “Surprise Bitch!,” a powerful glitch hop anthem that we find ourselves screaming the lyrics to.

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Sailem is a Non-binary artist from the music hub St. Louis, Missouri. Their music is a cutting edge fusion of emotionally raw bedroom pop and broody witch house with R&B, hiphop and alternative influences. Their inspiration comes from artists like Purity Ring, Sidewalks and skeletons, Evanescence, The Pretty Reckless, Rob Zombie, Sumo Cyco, No Doubt, and more!

They got their start in making music in 2015 and released their first mixtape on SoundCloud titled “VCR” in spring of 2016.

Sailem’s sound is constantly changing and extremely experimental, but will always have their recognizable addictive hooks and magical flare.

Hectic is a multi-genre producer and remixer from London, UK. Releases including “Touch” (featuring Norrisette), ”Rich”, ”Little Bitches” (featuring Sylvia Baudelaire), and ”Nu Jazz Riddim”, as well as a ton of remixes for an incredibly diverse range of artists show off Hectic’s unique style of production. He has also received radio play and support from DJs on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Kiss FM, XFM, Sub FM and Reprezent Radio.

The song brings us exactly the energy we expected from a song called “Surprise Bitch!,” with heavy hitting percussion and a vocal delivery from SAILEM to match it. The hook is distinguishably memorable, with SAILEM singing some of the catchiest lyrics out so far this year. The bombastic verses combined with the production on the instrumental from Hectic make this track honestly epic. The duo really served us with a banger to open up 2022 with, and we are here for it. I think everyone should have a listen to this song, especially if you want to feel like a bad bitch.

Be sure to stream “Surprise Bitch!” by SAILEM & Hectic on all platforms now, and follow them on social media below!

Stream “Surprise Bitch!” here.

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Written By: Bryce Quartz

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