Prediction: Childlike is an Artist Destined for Stardom

You heard her here first! Childlike is an artist that we should all be watching. With the incredible amount of talent that she has, she is sure to rise in no time. She is only 18 years old and producing and writing songs that could be heard on top 40 radio. Her vocal tone is flawless, journeying into higher registers naturally.

Her newest song, complete with an epic music video, is called “Feel The Same.” It tackles the topic of losing a dear friend for unknown reasons. The silence is maddening and confusing and in the lyrics Childlike explains that she has been searching for a distraction to be able to cope with the loss. Music could definitely be that distraction.

The melodies are incredibly catchy. They will definitely get stuck in your head. The musicianship fits the song perfectly as well. A funky bass on the bridge section really amplifies the uniqueness of the track. I can’t wait to hear more from this rising artist.

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