Spun Mellow Sings About Love Gone Bad in Spotlight

Spun Mellow is part mellow, part psychedelic, part grunge, and part pop. Their latest release, of just a few days ago, is about the trials and tribulations of a relationship that is better off to leave. “Spotlight” talks about the toxicity of a relationship that has ran it’s course. The lyrics of the song borders on creepy and the vibe of the vocal delivery matches that. “You are the spotlight watching my every move.” The emotions coming through exploit the toxicity in the relationship to show the listener just how the writer feels about this particular relationship.

The music video is beautifully done and features dance:

Spun Mellow (Ethan Almeida) is a Los Angeles based artist and multi-instrumentalist who writes, records, performs and produces every song in his bedroom studio.

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