Night Sky Alumni Sings About Addiction, Relapse, and Recovery in “Proud of You”

“Proud of You” by Night Sky Alumni is a song that holds extreme honesty. This singer-songwriter, acoustic-guitar-driven track, is about the struggles of addiction and relapse. It’s about letting down the people that are close to you but looking to them for inspiration to live life better. The song is about admitting you have a problem and overcoming it. It can serve as inspiration to those struggling. This raw track will surely hit anyone that has struggled with addiction themselves or is close to someone that has. Although the lyrics are about a very depressing topic, the song itself has a hopeful message that can lead to positive impact. Night Sky Alumni is from Detroit, Michigan. They pull inspiration from classic rock and 90’s rock bands such as Tom Petty and The Counting Crows. Their influences definitely come through in their music. This song is off of their new EP titled “Better Late Than Never.” Listen to it on Spotify now:

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written by Ryan Cassata

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