Dillon Vanders is Looking Ahead, Ready to Get Back to Touring

Dillon Vanders brings a fresh singer-songwriter song to his country song “The Road Ahead.” The song is slowly paced and driven by acoustic guitars. The song picks up for the chorus around the 1 minute mark with drums and slide guitars. The music has a traveling feel to it, fit for a road trip soundtrack.

Danders explains that the last two pandemic years have been hard on his soul. It’s been mentally taxing for many artists to halt their passions of playing music for audiences to shelter in place. Now, Dillon is looking ahead. By the lyrics, it seems that he has found love and is more excited about life now. He is ready to get back on the road to play music for his fans across the country!

I think the title “The Road Ahead” really captures how I feel about this record, and what I’m most looking forward to in the coming months. The last two years were filled with uncertainty. I wasn’t even sure what the world was gonna look like once it came time to release the album. Now that we’ve come to this point, “The Road Ahead” embodies my hopefulness for what lies down the line. I’m very much looking forward to hitting the road, and playing these tunes for people wherever I can. 

Dillon VandeRS

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