THE ONE: New Film from Director Sarah Martin

An Exciting Edge of Your Seat Thriller

Accomplished independent film Director/Producer Sarah Martin and her film company Silent Envy Productions introduces the brand new thriller, “The One

Experience the movies again with “The One”, a psychological Thriller filled with suspense and surprise. The film takes you on a journey following lead actor Jimmy who is traveling three thousand miles across the country to meet the girl of his dreams. Everything seems like paradise until nightfall, and then the truth is revealed.

The One | 90 Minutes | Rated R (Violence, Adult Content, Language)

FEATURING: Joey Gannascoli (The Sopranos) and starring Rick Shepherd, Jarred Harper, Molly McCaskill, Wilhelm Aderson 

The One” was filmed, edited, and directed by Sarah Martin at the end of 2019 – pre-pandemic. Filming took place in various locations across Long Island and New York City. 

Sarah Martin is an Award Winning Film Director, Editor, Writer, and Producer. After first discovering her love for behind the scenes work in 2015, Sarah has been instrumental in the development of countless Television, Film, and video projects and productions. She’s most widely known for her feature films “Nefarious” 2017 (written, directed, produced), “Honor Amongst Men” 2018 (co-producer), and “Menagerie” 2019 (Director).

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