STRVCK is Calling In Sick with this Dark Sounding Party Anthem

STRVCK has a dark sounding party anthem called “Calling In Sick.” The song is literally about calling in sick to work so that the night doesn’t have to end and the party could keep on going. With a darkness and energy that matches the theme of the hit HBO show Euphoria, this track is sure to be a success. The pulsating synth riffs and heavy bass create a magical feel that listeners will want to play on a loop. This slowly paced pop rock track is one of the most well-produced Rock the Pigeon has heard this year!

“The band STRVCK derives its name from a nearly fatal accident in which singer Chelsea Seth Woodward was struck by a bolt of lightning as he inserted his key to unlock the driver-side door of his vehicle. He was subsequently rushed to the hospital, suffering a large cut on the back of his head, a concussion, and some short term memory loss. Miraculously he emerged from the event with no long term injuries. In early 2020, Chelsea and fellow Austin, TX musician, Drew Walker joined forces, creating what is now the songwriting/ performing duo STRVCK. Their sound bounces between guitar driven indie rock and dreamy synth pop. Together with help from producer (and sometimes co-writer) Max Frost, they created their debut Album, “Day One.'”

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