5 New Releases with Hits by Take The Name, Glazed Curtains, stef, Otis Fonde, and Bankston.

“Save Myself (From Myself)” by Take The Name

The intro is very sudden, and I am immediately pulled in. The instrumentation is different and gives off an 80’s radio feeling. However, the vocals are upfront and with the electric guitar crushing it in the background, this song gives me gym vibes. Perfect for a nice heavy weight lifting session, or a biking session. The highs on the drums are blended nicely right under the kick and snare, giving the song a relaxing vibe. Lastly, the switch up at the end makes the song airy and cloudy, giving the listener a euphoric sound. Fantastic mix on all the vocals with this track. Listen on SoundCloud and Spotify. Find the sound on TikTok.

“Tired” by Glazed Curtains

The guitar is blended really well with the vocals. I hear light rock influence with a pop twist. The drums are a nice blend of highs crispy but sitting right under the vocals. The vocal tone is grungy with a unique flavor. The little twang in the vocals gives a soulful vibe for the listener to feel more emotion as the song develops. Overall, this is a great mix and master! Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube. Find the sound on TikTok and Instagram.

“Funeral” by stef

“Funeral” starts with sad dark sounds, then lifts up. The bright, emotional vocal tone with intense lyrics stabs right at my heart. The combination of the piano and vocals creates a great build-up, additionally, the lack of drums allows the listener to focus on the piano. At one point, there is a slight piano modulation and the vocals nicely blend in. Lastly, there is a simple but playful synth that is added as an extra layer of emotions to this already great track. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Use the sound on TikTok.

“4:44” by Otis Fonde

The sample of the voice pulls me in right away. I noticed the 808 bass and hi-hats right away, with a trap rap feel. The lyrics are original and inspirational. The vocal frequency is sharp enough to keep the listener tuned in. Special effects like echo and deeper voice on key phrases make this song ready for a radio release. Crisp vocals laid over this hype beat make “4:44” a unique must listen to track. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Use the sound on TikTok.

“Inside” by Bankston

The guitar immediately catches my attention. As soon as the vocals come in, they give me a bright feeling. The guitar lead on the hook mixed with the nostalgic melody about relationships gives this song a solid pop sound. The slight atones and the guitar solo at the end lets the song finish just right. Lastly, the song is mixed well and is very pleasant to my ears in headphones. Listen on Spotify.

Written by King of the Kastle

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