Is Pop-Rock My New Favorite Genre? New Releases By Iris Gold and Daimy Lotus.

Here’s two new tracks I can’t stop listening to:

“Crushed Velvet” by Iris Gold

Iris Gold knows how to hook the listener early, the vocal hook will immediately draw you in. Hearing the vocals slide in like silk makes the rest of the instrumentation pop. The bass guitar is driving and really upfront. I like the mixture of pop, rock, and country elements- it gives an overall feel good, beach-front vibe. The music video is as visually appealing as the song is catchy, watch the official music video on Youtube, linked below. Listen on Apple Music and Spotify.

“Never Get Me” by Daimy Lotus

“Never Get Me” is well mastered and bright. The track’s loudness is matched with a jumpy guitar line. I appreciate the vocals and hooks, you’ll be hooked immediately! The melodies are like sweet comforting lullabies putting me to sleep. The high tones are blended low in the mix, adding a final professional touch. Listen on Spotify.

Written by Shaun Kastle

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