Feeling Angsty? Alyssum Perfectly Captures that Mood

Alyssum has a brand new song that was released yesterday! Alyssum perfectly describes the angst of being a teenager in her new song FBFU. The band says “If you’re the black sheep, burnout firstborn art kid in your family, this one is for you.” I’m sure many relate to those feelings!

This pop punk anthem is filled with angst and emotion, it really captures the mood of being the outcast kid in the family, who is filled with angst and teenage rage. The distorted guitars take over the track and give them listener the perfect anthem to head bang too. Heavy eyeliner and an emo or punk hair style is essential when getting into the mood of this song. Dive in, this song has heavy snares and distorted guitars that will overtake your whole body. If you are feeling angsty right now, especially towards your parents, this song is for you! This is Alyssum’s first release on Spotify. Listen now so you’re not late to the party:

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