Pop-Punk Is Not Dead! Here’s the Proof- with New Releases by Midfield and Mitchel Dae.

If you needed anymore proof that that Pop-Punk isn’t dead, this is for you.

Check out these two new releases:

“Complicated (Avril Lavigne Cover)” by Midfield

Here’s the male version of Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” that you always wanted! Midfield’s cover gives All American Rejects and State Champs vibes. The drums in the intro and throughout the song are phenomenal. I love all of the electric guitar elements that are going on here. This song is epic, I see what they were trying to do by covering a classic, and this rendition of “Complicated” is great! Perfect to blast on your stereo or for a much needed head-bang session. Listen on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. Use the song in a reel on Instagram.

“Blue Banana Peel” by Mitchel Dae

Cue the funky guitars and pop-punk vocal distortion doubling. Mitchel Dae will give you major Simple Creatures and Twenty One Pilot Vibes. I love how the drums aren’t too upfront and leave room for the guitar solos to rip. The tom rolls give this a live feel which is really nostalgic and reminds me of the early 2000’s. This is the perfect song to keep you going during a long drive or to reset you during a long day! Listen on Spotify and SoundCloud. Use the sound on TikTok.

Written by Shaun Kastle

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