5 Releases From This Week You Need To Hear! With Songs by Darro, Zach Hood, Skylar Grey, yetep, and HeartMouth.

“Phoning In (feat. Michael Meaney)” by Darro

Cue the next pop-punk hit! “Phoning In” is the first single from Darro’s upcoming album Accidents. The drums are expertly blended with the hook. I like the vivid imagery of the hook in contrast with the crunch of the lead guitar. This song reminds me of chasing after someone you love in a rom-com. “Phoning In” is a classic hit already and should be on tv and film. Listen on Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

“never knew a heart could break itself” by Zach Hood

This one is somber and you’ll be able to relate if you’ve ever had a broken heart. Zach Hood’s vocals have great range. The way emotions are portrayed through amazing high notes and transparent lyrics will hit you. The acoustic vibe makes it perfect for an EDM remix! This one has radio potential and the ability to connect with fans on a deeper, emotional level. Listen on Spotify and Apple Music. Check out the lyric video on youtube- linked below.

“never knew a heart could break itself” (Official Lyric Video) – Zach Hood

“Falling Apart” by Skylar Grey

Skylar Grey’s vocals in this new release are crystal clear. Her vocals bring a fresh sense of clarity to the mellow piano. “Falling Apart” is impactful to my ears because it’s very emotional. I appreciate the build-up the songwriter purposely created. The mixing, the brightness, and the reverb of the vocals are just the right amount. Listen on Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer. Watch the official music video on YouTube- linked below.

“Falling Apart” Official Music Video – Skylar Grey

“Lullaby” by yetep

I can picture “Lullaby” on the main-stage of EDC. The magic of the guitar is floating and has the right amount of reverb to fill the space. The vocals are really upfront with much emphasis on the breathes. Overall, the vocals are catchy and keep me engaged as I ride the synths in the background. Lastly, the build up was very important to make it an EDM banger! I like that snares were chosen rather than claps. Listen on Apple Music and Spotify.

“Get Right For You” by HeartMouth

Wow, these vocals along with the organ will immerse you instantly. I don’t know the last time I was hooked by the first second of a song. The drum build-up with the snare that leads to the hook is music to my ears. I love the blend of the bridge and hook into the beat, the mixing is very well done. “Get Right For You” is beyond catchy with its different approach to this soulful genre. Listen on Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Written by Shaun Kastle

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