Lee DeWyze Serenades with “Bridges”

Lee DeWyze has a song that will definitely bring in new fans. “Bridges” is a track that cannot be ignored. It’s definitely converted me into the DeWyze fandom. Even though Lee Dewyze has over 200,000 monthly Spotify listeners, I’ve never heard of this artist until now. But this is surely a great starter song for fans to be reeled in.

The acoustic guitars drive the song, sounding super raw as if they are right in the room with you. The singers soft voice floats on top of the guitars, serenading the listener. DeWyze brings so much soul to this recording. It’s impossible to ignore the impact. Gorgeous harmonies bring a magical feel to the recording. The emotions are bleeding from the track. It feels like a worship song meets Simon & Garfunkel. I am super excited to hear more from this incredible talent!


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