Need More Emo & Alt-Rock Vibes In Your Life? Check Out These New Releases.

“Find Me” by Brihlo

Stuck in your feels? “Find Me” is exactly what you need to face and accept your emotions. The contrast of the vocal delivery between the verses and chorus will amaze you. I don’t think I’ve heard an emo track like this before. Two of my favorite things in music are singer-songwriters and screaming when it works; “Find Me” is the perfect combination of those two things. I wish this song was out during my scene phase but is the scene phase really ever over? Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

“Good Shit” by Angelina Mackinnon

Angelina Mackinnon proves she’s ready to be next in line with her intoxicating single “Good Shit”. I get equal parts Billie Ellish and Halsey vibes from this track. The hook at the beginning will immediately draw you in and keep you listening on repeat. The production is so clean and professional, this song has all it takes to make Angelina Mackinnon the next big thing. I’d love to hear this alt-rock, pop hit live! Check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

“Westward” by Joshua Hyslop

The words “I’ve had enough” sink in deep with these husky but soft vocals. There’s a richness layered in the song that sets it apart. The string instruments add a the folk vibe to this alt-rock hit. I love the singer-singsinger foundation. Joshua Hyslop has truly created a unique modern day bop. Listen on Spotify and YouTube.

“Lonely Girl” by Mia Vaile

This banger sounds like it was thrown in a rock blender with a splash of electric synths. I love the fusion of genres and the alt-rock foundation. I appreciate how delicate and intentional Mia’s vocals are. The mix balances all elements of this track perfectly. For all the dance lovers, this one is a head banger. Listen on Spotify.

“Fooling Myself” by Callen

The mix of the acoustic guitar with the drums sound great. This song has a soft beginning that sets the mood. When the hook hits, the vibe really comes through. I apprecaite the progression of this track and the underlying singer-songwriter energy. “Fooling Myself” is a great intro to Callen’s new EP. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

“Quiet One” by Ask Carol

The intro guitar with reverb is giving me beach vibes. The vocals are smooth like silk over the acoustic drums. I appreciate the build up to the hook and how strong it hits! I’m digging the layers behind the hook. This track is blended masterfully, I can’t get enough! Listen on Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

Written by Shaun Kastle

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