Artist Vance Eris Releases upbeat track “THE FEELS” on his dreamy new album “WHATABUM”

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Vance Eris is a studio rat from Tarzana, California – the strip mall central of the world! He has been working tirelessly with the goons at Tezan Records to create something that is insanely tasty to listen to for cool teens and repulsive for anybody over the age of 70. With the confidence and demeanor of a young Michael Cera (post Superbad) he is ready to gaslight his audience into thinking he is attractive through the illusion of fame!

Now, a note from his manager –

Vance Eris has been refining his craft for almost a decade despite being only 20 years old. He began his journey touring and playing hundreds of shows with his first band. At age 14, he became the youngest performer to headline a stage at Jay-Z’s Made In America Festival.

Since then, he’s played professionally in a number of other bands while also writing songs and producing for other artists. In recent years, Eris has been curating his own sound through 1970’s analog recording techniques used by artists such as Stevie Wonder and Brian Eno in combination with modern tropes of internet age pop.

Vance recently released his album “WHATABUM,” an album that brings the vibes on each and every track. When I first heard “THE FEELS,” the fifth track on the project, I was immediately enamored by the strong vocal conviction and delivery combined with the fast paced instrumental. The song is a total rush, and it’s everything I’ve wanted in a song for a while now. The switch-up at the end of the song where it sounds almost like a radio ad had me sold.

The second song on the album that really grabbed my attention was “SAED,” where the instrumental combines jazz and vibe-y pop music vibes to create something similar to Anderson Paak.’s level of production. Vance’s vocal delivery approach on this song really shows his diversity not only as a songwriter and a vocalist, but also his versatility in creating music, especially compared to the previous track “THE FEELS.”

Overall, I highly suggest you give this album a listen from start to finish, because there’s so many golden moments throughout the entire project that will have you in a daydream. You can tell how much time and effort he spent in creating this sonic atmosphere, and it’s something you can easily get stuck in. The replay value of this album is insane, so go stream it now!

Be sure to go to your preferred streaming platform and search for Vance Eris’s new album “WHATABUM” so you can enjoy this album that he so eloquently created!

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Written By: Bryce Quartz

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