Post-hardcore band Careful Gaze release new track “TEACH” on new album

Their new album “WRATH LIKE FLOWERS UPON MY BROWS” is a banger from start to finish!


Minneapolis post-hardcore band Careful Gaze is releasing their second full-length album, WRATH LIKE FLOWERS UPON MY BROW, on July 15th, 2022. In 2019, the band released their debut album You Too Will Rest (featuring Rainbows) and then various singles / EP’s in the time since. The second album from the band explores more thoroughly the extreme sides of their sound: both the melancholy tender moments and the pummeling walls of aggression. WLFUMB is an album about processing childhood trauma and coming to terms with death and loss outside of the religious lens often used for comfort / tradition.

The band locked themselves in a home studio in February of 2022 and self-produced and recorded the music they had been writing and rewriting for over a year. The album was mixed by Roger Camero (The Warriors) and mastered by Rollie Ulug (Teeth.) WLFUMB is what the band considers the greatest sonic iteration of Careful Gaze to date, achieving most closely the emotion and rawness of their live performance. CG’s aim is not only to create an inclusive and welcoming space in the post-hardcore and adjacent genres and scenes, but also to present a full experience – a work of art within their music.

The song “TEACH” from their new album WRATH LIKE FLOWERS UPON MY BROW really hits every mark you want from a post hardcore track. The song starts with a catchy guitar riff combined with powerful lead vocals and catchy lyrics right off the bat. Once we get to the hook of the song, I’m sold, but then the chorus hits, which adds a softer vocal delivery with catchy vocal melodies that absolutely carries us into the world Careful Gaze has created. Once we get to the second verse, we’re gifted once again with the heavy vocal delivery, bringing back the energy from the beginning. I really enjoyed the lyrics in this song from start to finish, and feel that this song is a must add to all your post-hardcore playlists!

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Written By: Bryce Quartz

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