Brew Berrymore Brings a Party Anthem with Strange Lyrics

Brew Berrymore has a brand new indie pop song with fantastic instrumentation and very strange lyrics. Maybe the songs lyrics are meant to encourage vulnerability and extreme honesty from peers and fans alike. The song is called “Sometimes I Piss Myself At Night.” It’s an oversharing of emotions from verse to chorus, but all great songwriters sometimes go there. Brew Berrymore’s name is clearly a gag and we think the song is too. The band seems to write songs with fantastic, intricate instrumentation, and head-turning lyrics.

Sounding much like a house party anthem, “Sometimes I Piss Myself at Night” has the music video to match the vibe. If you’re looking for something fun and very different, Brew Berrymore could be your new favorite pop rock band. Enjoy their music video on YouTube now:

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