Bobby Marks Speaks with us on New Single “Run Wild”

Run Wild by Bobby Marks is the perfect end-of-summer gift for all of us.

Cover Art for “Run Wild”

Bobby Marks is a singer, songwriter, and music producer based in Los Angeles, CA. Bobby’s songs are fine-tuned pop and dance tracks with infectiously catchy choruses. After years of honing his craft at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Bobby is finally ready to bring his pop perfection to the music-sphere.

Most recently, he released his single “Run Wild,” a powerhouse pop track that’s sure to get stuck in your head.

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The song begins with an 80s-esque synth and Bobby’s stunning vocals immediately blessing our eardrums with the catchy first verse. The song builds up to the chorus, where we find ourselves wanting to sing along every word because it’s just that catchy. By the time we get to the bridge, I’m already sold on the entire song, but the vocal melodies and lyrics here really gave it an extra touch that makes the song stand out. Through and through, this song is a full BOP! Can Bobby open for Charli XCX already??

I had the privilege of interviewing Bobby about his music and the single, check it out below!

Bryce: How did you get started creating music?

Bobby: I’ve been making music forever, it’s my one and only true passion. I wrote my first song when I was nine years old, and taught myself how to produce at age fourteen. I was making beats using GarageBand on my iPod touch, which eventually led to me using Logic today.

Bryce: If you could describe your music in just three words, what would they be and why?

Bobby: “Big unforgettable hooks”. For me, the most important aspect of my music is that it’s catchy and memorable. I don’t make album filler, I make bops.

Bryce: Where were you when you wrote “Run Wild”?

Bobby: I feel like my best ideas always hit me at the worst possible moment. I was working at a retail store at the time, when a melody popped into my head in the stock room. I spent the rest of my shift trying to avoid absolutely everyone so I could keep the idea in my head, I wrote the sheet music down on a post-it note until I could get to my break and record a demo on my phone.

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Bryce: What were the vibes like in the studio when you recorded this track?

Bobby: I had the immense pleasure of working with GrandBankss on this track, which he co-produced and engineered. He let me do my thing and see my vision through. It was his idea to double track every vocal in the song, which I think really made my voice stand out the way it does. I usually get nervous in the studio that my ideas won’t come across well, but I felt super comfortable during this session and I think it shows in the music.

Bryce: Are there any other musicians that helped inspire the making of this track?

Bobby: I can point to a distinct change in the trend in pop right now towards these really fast, 80s inspired synth-pop tracks. The Weeknd’s newer work is probably the most popular example, but there’s definitely a huge Charli XCX influence to Run Wild. When I’m hunting for ideas, I turn to who I think is doing pop right, and Charli hits the mark for me right now.

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Bryce: What other artists are you listening to right now?

Bobby: These days I think my sound is equally influenced by dance-pop and pop rock. Aside from Charli XCX, I’m listening to a lot of Kim Petras, MUNA, Carly Rae Jepsen, Avril Lavigne, Pale Waves, and Rina Sawayama, to name a few. Put all of them together and you’re getting not only my Daily Mix 1 but the framework for most of my new songs.

Bryce: Do you have any secrets or surprises planned for us next?

Bobby: Would it really be a surprise if I told you? Haha. Actually I can spill a little without giving too much away. Bobby Marks has mostly been an auditory experience up until now, but I’m trying to start performing soon. I’ve been taking dance classes to try and add some visuals to this vision. But most importantly, I’ve got a song coming up that I really think tops anything else I’ve done. If you’re liking my latest output, get ready for what’s to come.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer those questions for us, Bobby!

Be sure to stream “Run Wild” by Bobby Marks on all platforms now, and follow him on social media below!

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