Love Indie Rock? Check out “Lighter” & “Good News”

“Lighter” by Go Radio

The vocals of “Lighter” are unique with a crunchy mix. I like the heavy indie rock vibe. The blend of instruments in the intro is smooth. The transitioning to a pop-rap sound gives this song so many different vibes it’s extremely diverse. The live drums are great with the catchy hook! Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

“Good News” by Yoshi Flower

The acoustic feel of “Good News” sounds clean and has an uplifting vibe. The vocals are compressed to sound right over the guitar. I hear every breath with clarity. The mixing is well done. I can hear this song on an indie movie with a love story or maybe a scene of someone writing and pondering. Listen on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Written by Shaun Kastle

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