Get Lo-Fi with Danny Shin

Danny Shin has a genre-bending song titled “Baltimore.” The song starts with radio voices to intrigue the listener to not skip to the next track. The slow beat carries the song, leaving lots of space for the vocals to come in. The vocals are deep in tone and have a jazzy flavor to them. This lo-fi rock sound is seductive and simple and exaggerates the feeling of longing that the lyrics sing about. The production and slow tempo do an excellent job of bringing on a euphoric feel to the listener. Throughout the song, you’ll hear jazzy guitar chords and unique echoing background vocals. The song ends with a flavorful guitar solo. “Baltimore” is Danny Shin’s debut release. Rock the Pigeon is excited to hear more. Listen to Danny Shin on Spotify now and be sure to hit the follow button so you don’t miss his next banger!

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