Dance Yourself Clean are Back at it Again with New Single “Peach Pit”

The duo are back again with another jam we have on replay.

Dance Yourself Clean started in Seattle (2013) as an indie dance party that grew into the first touring dance party in North America. After moving to Los Angeles to expand the party and create their own record label (Lights & Music Collective) and producing for other artists for years, “DYC” decided to turn their party into a music project. Releasing original music and remixes using the party’s moniker “Dance Yourself Clean”.

We covered the duo back in early 2021, check that out here.

Their new track “Peach Pit” begins with a steady instrumental vibe and stunningly beautiful vocals. The buildup to the chorus feels immaculate, and the chorus itself is not only catchy, but makes us feel like we’re floating on a cloud. I find myself enamored by the vocals in this song combined with the instrumental production, making the replay value on this song extremely high. This track is definitely a must add to all your vibe aesthetic playlists!

Be sure to stream “Peach Pit” by Dance Yourself Clean on all platforms now, and follow them on social media below!

Dance Yourself Clean

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Written By: Bryce Quartz

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