PASTE is Keeping Grunge Alive

Canadian alt-rock band PASTE is out with a tasteful track titled “Razor Thin.” Distorted guitars set the mood from the very start of the song. Grungy vocals and pounding drums join soon after. The vocal delivery matches the intensity of the rest of the band, as the singer gets emotional and angsty into the microphone. The song explodes into a catchy chorus section that will keep playing in your ear long after the song finishes. The lyrics of the song focus on a quarter-life crisis moment. The band says: “Razor thin is a song about growing up and realizing that you don’t have enough time to try everything you want to try. I think everyone takes that for granted when they’re very young, and then it hits you that you’re running out of time faster than you ever thought possible. It’s the realization that you only have a very small amount of time to live that makes everything that much more meaningful, and I think that’s the melancholy I want to express with this song.”

For Fans Of: The Strokes, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins

Check out the low budget music video now:

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